Preparing for assessment

Looking back now I have completed this course I can see that it has been a long and at time painful journey. I started by fighting my inner demons related to portrait photography, I was shouted at for taking pictures of people in the street and thrown out of buildings where photography was apparently not allowed. I have included an overall evaluation of my learning journey in the last post in the learning log section of this blog. In preparing my work for assessment I have reread all the assignments I submitted, my tutors feedback on each and added some final reflections  in my learning log. Based on my tutors feedback I have submitted a revised set of pictures for assignment five along with what I believe are some of my strongest work to submit as prints. In some cases I have reworked the pictures based on comments made by my tutor before printing them. Some of these changes I have noted below and others in my learning log summary post.

Prints submitted for assessment


These are the pictures I selected to tell the story of an English seaside holiday for assignment 5. My tutor thought that this was a strong set of pictures but pointed out a few pictures that did not really fit the sequence and two that he felt were not sharp enough. I have revisited the set of pictures I took while working on this assignment and replaced some of the pictures I originally submitted for the assignment based on my tutor’s comments. I have discussed the thoughts behind these changes in my tutor feedback post in my learning log. The new set of pictures are shown below while the original set are available in my original assignment submission.


I took these pictures of commuters on their way to and from work as part of the my course work for part 2 “People unaware” and what started as an idea of taking a few¬† pictures of people on the train with a mobile phone turned into a project lasting several months because I found the pictures so fascinating. For the assessment I have presented these pictures in black and while because with the combination of the train lighting and early morning or evening light from outside I could not get a colour balance I really liked.

Looking at these and the Staycation pictures again while preparing for the assessment I can’t help thinking that I seem to have been drawn to capturing misery as I progressed through the course.


The last seven pictures are some of my favourites from different stages of the course, they are a fairly random collection but I think they show a good cross section of the work I created for this course