Ken Sears, Norfolk, UK

I have just completed the Digital Photographic Practice course my blog for this course is available at www.khsdpp.wordpress.com.

I have been interested in photography from the age of about ten or eleven when I started taking black and white pictures with an old folding roll film camera. From that time on black and white has remained my favourite type of photograph but not having access to a darkroom I was usually disappointed with the results when labs processed and printed my films.

Over time I progressed with a variety of second hand camera until I got my first 35mm SLR, a Zenit E that I used for about nine years before it broke. After this I brought an Olympus OM-2 which I used until I stopped taking many pictures in the 1980s. From then until the late 1990s I took a few holiday snaps and pictures at family occasions. Sometime in my mid forties I got interested again, not due to any specific event I just drifted back into taking pictures again in much the same way as I drifted out of taking picture ten to fifteen years earlier

Given my background in computing my interest picked up more as digital cameras appeared not least because I could process picturse on the computer some that I could never do in the past not having access to a darkroom. Although I must admit I have never spent as much time learning Lightroom or Photoshop as I would really like.