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Capturing the Moment

I took number of shots from different angles of these two street musicians in New York before I got this one where the guitarist is looking up at the woman playing the double base. To me this picture shows a real connection between the two performers that is missing from the other shots shown in the contact sheet. Maybe a shot with the two performers looking directly at the camera would also be good. However, I not sure even that would beat the base players expression of pure concentration and the way the guitarist is gazing at her, perhaps waiting for her to complete a solo. I was so focused on getting a good shot of these two I really cannot remember what they were playing


I have included a contact sheet below showing more of the pictures I took of these two musicians and the more I look at these I think the one I selected above (second from last of the contact sheet) best captures the performance and relationship between the two.


I did spend time wandering the streets in New York trying to capture shots of people at critical moments of activities they were engaged in. I like the one below in the sculpture garden of MOMA, when I took it I thought this was two people in a selfie but looking at it now I think they are looking at a picture the woman has just taken with her phone.


This is one of many pictures I took of tourists taking photographs; I particularly like the look of real concentration on the woman’s face as she captures her memories of Times Square.


This next picture I think of as someone receiving a text message or email that they have been waiting for and perhaps thinking about what to send in reply.


Finally in MOMA the excitement of being photographed with Marilyn, the picture is a little blurred due to the very low shutter speed necessary because I didn’t want to use flash but I think that adds to the sense of excitement that the picture captures.


The exercise has taught me the value of taking multiple shots of a scene, I would have got such a good picture of the musicians if I had not walked around them taking many shots and then being able to pick out the one above. I also set out to look for pictures of people on their phone or tourists taking pictures and I think that the pictures above show the value of this premeditation. Finally, I must admit that the picture of the woman with Marilyn was something I just saw and took when I was actually looking for people taking selfies with famous art works behind them.