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Users Viewpoint

2nd Floor of The Switch House at the Tate Modern

This area is an open space with a small coffee bar at one end and galleries used for special exhibitions at the other. It is a place that has been designed for people wait for their friends to arrive before visiting an exhibition or sit with friends discussing what they have seen over coffee. When I took this picture, I was sitting on a wide windowsill drinking a coffee and watching the world pass by. Hence my viewpoint is a little lower than most people who tend to stand around in this space but that is not evident. I believe this is an interesting space and the picture goes some way to capturing its essence I believe that it would be a better picture if there were some people in the foreground perhaps blurred as they walked past my viewpoint.


Green Park Station

A tube platform is a space designed to allow a large people get on and off a train quickly, during the rush hour this platform would be pack solid with people. When I took this picture on a Sunday afternoon the platform was crowed but there was space for me to sit on a seat and capture the crowd of people waiting for the next train. I believe this does capture the space from a user viewpoint, perhaps a stronger image could be created during the rush hour or alternatively late at night when there might only be one person in the frame.


I like the diagonals in this frame formed by the lights and the yellow line along the edge of the platform both of which seem to lead to the woman in the red coat staring at her phone which is some ways captures the essence of the boredom of waiting for a tube train hoping that there will be space to board it.


The Hammersmith Ram

The Hammersmith Ram on a Sunday night, a typical London pub low lighting with a few people drinking on what is always a quite night. An average musician was performing in the corner of the bar presumably to try and attract more customers but in fact he may have been driving people away. The question I was asking myself is should I have another pint or just go back to the hotel I was staying in? To me this picture captures a scene that is repeated in many pubs every day and it may also point towards the lack of trade which is why many pubs are closing every day.