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1 – A Single Figure Small

The Aysgarth Falls

The Aysgarth water falls are a popular beauty spot in the Yorkshire Dales attracting large numbers of tourists every day in the summer months. When I took this picture, I wanted to show the beauty of the location but also keep the figure large enough so it is clear she is sitting texting or reading email apparently oblivious to the landscape around her. I positioned the about two thirds up the frame but perhaps a little to close to the right and edge. I wanted someone viewing the picture to be initially drawn to the figure and then look more into the landscape.


It was quite a dull day when I took this picture and that perhaps makes this picture less successful than it could be on a brighter day the beauty of the scene may have been more obvious. Also the overcast day means the trees on the left bank of the river are quite dark did lighten these in post processing but perhaps I was not bold enough?