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3 – Making Figures Anonymous

Over a couple of months I walk around taking many pictures in which I trid to use anonymous figures to add interest to an image without making them the dominate feature of a picture. I tried the various techniques discussed in the notes and include the four very different images below as examples.

Motion Blur

In the picture below I wanted to capture the shape of teh spiral stair case in isolation of its surounding with the geometric shapes of the wooden stairs, the black rails and concrete walls dominating the image. In the end I felt that the blurred images of people walking up and down added interest and an element of softness that was missing from the rather stark arhitecture.


Small and Many

This pictures shows the crowds in Convent Garden reflected in the stainless steel facing on a building. the steel plate is not perfectly flat and has visible joins beween panels so it adds additional interest to the image and further anonymises the figures.


Partly Obsucured

In this picture the woman walking round behind the blankets or wall hangings gives a sense of sclae to this picture would otherwise be missing. Without the figure there would not be a sense of how large these pices really were.


Facing Away

I like this picture because it really tells a story, the three girsl are taking a rest on a decorated swinging garden seat, presumably after a hard days sopping judging by the bags at their feet. The woman in muslim dress seems to be staring at them wishing they would move on so she could take a rest as does the woman fiddling with her phone on the right.