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4 – Balancing Figure and Space

The brief for this exercise was to produce two pictures from broadly the same viewpoint that vary the balance of attention between a person and the setting they are in. I took the two pictures below on Ely station while waiting for a train. They were taken a few minutes apart from within a few feet of each other.

In the first picture I wanted to capture the idea of someone walking down the platform on their way home after a day at work.

While in the second picture I was trying to capture the overall ambience of the station with a few isolated figure waiting to their train. I think I really took this picture a few seconds too late, the train is just arriving at the platform but it has slowed down enough that the motion blur is not evident. If I had turned a little further to the left  and capture the train 20 yards or more early when it was going faster the picture may have been more successful.

These were two of the first pictures I took shortly after getting an iPhone 7 plus and when I took them I was really trying to work out what the capabilities of the camera were in low light as well as looking for pictures for the exercise. If I took these pictures again I think I would choose to do it in brighter light because or choose a different scene because I think the high level on noise reduction applied by the iPhone have reduced the sharpness to a level I am not completely happy with.