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The National

The Anglian National Pilgrimage to Walsingham in Norfolk colloquially known as The National takes place in May every year. It is perhaps an event that many people would be surprised still takes place in Britain. Events around the pilgrimage take place over a week end and on the Sunday, there is a procession from the Shrine at Little Walsingham to the Abbey ruins where a Mass is held.  In the pictures below I have tried to capture obvious character of some of the priest and Bishops in the procession.



Everyone is a fan now?

A cold morning in January at Camden look market and a woman poses for a photograph by herpartner next to the statue of Am Winehouse. What is the story here? Maybe the woman is a big Amy fan and has made a pilgrimage to Camden to have her picture taken. Alternatively, perhaps she has just brought the woolly have with the faux fur bobble and her partner recognised the way it balances with the Amy’s signature beehive hair style.

Is this picture a commentary on the power of dead celebrities or as there were several stalls selling these hats in the market is this simply a celebration of the purchase of a new hat? I will leave the reader to decide somehow the rather stern way the statue of Amy Winehouse seems to be staring at the women makes me think it is the latter.

Getting Started

I am starting this course with some trepidation in all the years I have been taking photographs I have never felt happy photographing people. In particular taking portraits is something that has always filled me with dread. I’m not sure if it is the act of taking a portrait that I don’t like or the seemingly endless debate about whether or not it is a good likeness or make the sitter look good that invariably follows.Banner-18

I can only console myself that I know, based on my street photography I can take good pictures of people I just have to come to terms with my fairly irrational dislike of formal portraiture.